Aloft is a word of Scandinavian origin, having the same meaning in English as in Swedish, Danish and Norwegian.  In this article, the use of aloft in the sentence has been discussed in detail.

Use of aloft in the sentence

Aloft is a word of Scandinavian origin, having the same meaning in English as in Swedish, Danish and Norwegian.  In this article, the use of aloft in the sentence has been discussed in detail.

Meaning of aloft in English

Aloft is an English word that means “in the air.” It can also mean “above,” as in “aloft on top of the car” or “aloft in the sky.” It is the uppermost region of the atmosphere, where the air is generally warmer than that at the surface. Aloft is an adverb describing something in the air or above one’s head. It is also be used to describe something happening in the sky or outer space.

How to use aloft in a Sentence

These are some examples of sentences where the word “aloft” has been used:

  1. The clouds were fringed with gold; aloft was a pale moon as big as a cartwheel.
  2. The bird flew aloft and landed on the branch of a nearby tree.
  3. The plane went up into the air and flew aloft at 1000 feet above ground level (AGL).
  4. You must jump high into the air to grab hold of the rope attached to it; otherwise, you will fall down/off it aloft like a stone as soon as you let go with both hands and feet from its top surface area/side surface area/sides surface area/entire surface area/bottom surface area, etc.
  5. He was aloft in a balloon, which he had made out of his bed-quilt and a small piece of pork.
  6. The two were now aloft in the rigging and busy at work.
  7. The clouds hung aloft, the sky was clear, and the sun came out all at once and glowed on the mountain-top.
  8. The stars were in the aloft‘ place, and the moon was on the left hand.
  9. The man’s body was found floating in the river, having been washed ashore after being carried aloft by the strong current of water.
  10. They climbed aloft and sat on the roof.
  11. The children are sitting aloft in the tree house.
  12. The boat was floating aloft on the water, and a hundred yards away, on the beach, stood a small group of people.
  13. The kite was flying aloft in the sky.
  14. I could hear the sound of music aloft in our neighbor’s house.
  15. The balloon floated aloft into the sky.
  16. The bird flew aloft and out of sight.
  17. The balloon floated aloft into the sky, but no parachutes were on board!
  18. At a distance, far away: The ship was beyond the horizon and out of sight.
  19. Above something else, he saw a bird perched aloft in the tree in an elevated position.
  20. The firefighters are still aloft.
  21. The King was wandering aloft through the battle.
  22. I was flying, aloft in the air.
  23. The plane flew aloft in a graceful arc.
  24. The bird soared aloft on beating wings.
  25. The balloon was rising aloft with great speed.
  26. A flock of birds winged their way aloft across the sky.
  27. The birds started singing aloft.
  28. Aloft, the sky was full of stars and the moon.
  29. The boy stood aloft, looking down at them.
  30. He looked aloft at the excellent light dome that seemed to surround them.
  31. They sailed aloft on the mast at or to a great distance from the earth or sea and looked down at us all.
  32. In high spirits, incredibly, elatedly happy, as in He was aloft after winning first prize at the science fair.
  33. The morning was bright and cheerful, the swallow flitted about the eaves, and the lark soared aloft into the clear sky.
  34. He looked up at the darkening sky and saw the clouds gathering aloft.
  35. I was looking forward to a relaxing holiday in the sun, but instead, we were stuck on a crowded beach with nothing to do but lie in the shade and read books aloft by the pool.
  36. He’s been living aloft in his room all this time and hasn’t spoken to anyone since he lost his job and his wife divorced him.
  37. The kestrels circled aloft in the sky, and the nightingales sang among the bushes.
  38. I looked aloft and saw the plane flying away.
  39. The bird flapped its wings and soared aloft.
  40. The heat of the sun was soon felt aloft.
  41. There were three people aloft, pulling a rope.
  42. He whispered something to her and then returned to his seat, taking care not to show himself aloft.
  43. He pulled himself up into the rigging and looked down from aloft at the deck below.
  44. The lookout on topmast head had been struck by lightning while he was aloft in the storm.
  45. I’ve never seen anyone so happy to be up aloft,” said the younger apprentice.
  46. Aloft, among the rigging and yards, a few men were getting ready for sea.
  47. The swiftness he had ascended caused him to feel giddy as he stood aloft for a moment.
  48. The moon was aloft, shining down on them.
  49. Aloft on his shoulders was a child.
  50. The hawk was soaring up aloft, and a smile was on its face.
  51. The highway stretched across the desert, straight as an arrow shot aloft from a bow.
  52. The balloons hung like clouds above them, drifting slowly with the breeze that came from aloft.
  53. He hung above, aloft in the air, supported by the wings of the wind. 
  54. The clouds were aloft.
  55. The bird flew aloft.
  56. I saw her standing aloft on the crow’s-nest mast, scanning the horizon with her telescope.
  57. Aloft, a great white bird soared beneath the clouds.
  58. The gulls soared aloft, their wings glistening in the sunlight.
  59. The fire was aloft in the sky.

Similar Words of aloft:

airborne; afloat; a-swim; afloat on [in] thick air; in the clouds; upwards; high; lofty; overstretched; tall; up in the air; up in the shadows; overhead; skyward; above stairs; loftily; high overhead; elevated; lofty; elevated; towering; tiptop; on high; hovering; flowery; rearing up; towering; soaring; eloquent; floating; lofting; peaked; hanging; dangling; airborne; ascending; ascending high; soaring; soaring high; up in the air; atop; on high; elevated; alight; afloat; afloat on water; aloft in the air; airborne in the air; ascending altitude; ascendant altitude; floating (in the air); levitating

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