The word but is a conjunction that can be used to contrast two ideas. But it can also be used as a preposition to show contrast, meaning "apart from."

Use of but in sentences

The word but is a conjunction that can be used to contrast two ideas. But it can also be used as a preposition to show contrast, meaning “apart from.” It can also be used as a preposition followed by a noun or pronoun object. This use of but should not be confused with the help of but as conjunction. It can also use to express contrast.

Use of ‘but‘ in sentences

These are some examples of sentences where the word “but” has been used:

  1. I was happy and relaxed, but my girlfriend was tired.
  2. I’m hungry, but I don’t want to eat anything.
  3. Joan loves dogs and cats, but she does not like hamsters.
  4. The test was easy, but John failed it anyway.
  5. John is strong and fast but cannot afford to buy suitable shoes for track and field events.
  6. But as he took the last step up on the gangplank, he heard the newsboys crying outside: “Extra! Extra! Read All About It!”
  7. I like to go out, but I wouldn’t say I like staying up late at night.
  8. I have a lot of money, but I’m unhappy with my job.
  9. He’s tall but overweight.
  10. I love him, but he doesn’t love me back.
  11. I like cake, but I don’t like frosting.
  12. The weather was nice, but it rained today.
  13. He has money, but he doesn’t have much talent.
  14. In such cases, we can rewrite the sentence without the word “but“:
  15. He has money, but he doesn’t have much talent.
  16. I like dogs, but I wouldn’t say I like cats.
  17. I love you,” said John, but Mary did not believe him.
  18. I like playing football, but I hate running around the field. 
  19. I want to go, but I can’t.
  20. I like to eat chocolate, but I’m not particularly eager to exercise.
  21. I’m going to study abroad soon, but my parents don’t know yet.
  22. He enjoys the company of his friends, but he has a poor opinion of them.
  23. He should have made a better choice, but he didn’t.
  24. I like him, but he doesn’t like me.
  25. The film was good, but the book was better.
  26. He was smart, but his brother was even more intelligent than him.
  27. You can’t do it, but I can.
  28. She is not a good cook, but her husband is a great cook.
  29. I did not take your money, but my sister did.
  30. I love you, but I can’t live with you anymore.
  31. I want to go home now, but I must wait for my friends first.
  32. We should leave early, but I don’t know if we can make it.
  33. I want to go on holiday, but it’s too expensive.
  34. I have no money, but I’ll borrow some from my parents.
  35. That’s not exactly what I meant but close enough for government work! 
  36. She is a good student, but she doesn’t study much.
  37. He is a good student, but he doesn’t study much.
  38. I have no friends, but I am happy with my life.
  39. It is raining outside, but it is not cold inside the house.
  40. There are many people here tonight, but there are still seats available!
  41. I am hungry now, but I won’t eat until my husband gets home from work!
  42. They didn’t come to the party because they were sick, but they said they would be there if they felt better!
  43. The book was interesting, but it wasn’t as good as the other one we read last week at school!
  44. I like to eat, but I hate cooking.
  45. My mother is a teacher, but she works at home.
  46. I’ve got a lot of money, but it’s not enough to buy a house.
  47. He’s wealthy, but he lives in a small flat because he doesn’t like big houses or apartments.
  48. I’m studying English, but my father wants me to study medicine too. 
  49. I love swimming, but I don’t like cycling because it’s dangerous and you can fall off your bike and hurt yourself badly! 
  50. Mum loves cooking, but Dad hates it because he doesn’t like spicy or hot food – only cold food!
  51. I have been working on this project for quite some time, but I am still not finished.
  52. It’s a lovely day, but I don’t feel like going out.
  53. I don’t think you’re right about that, but it doesn’t matter anymore.
  54. You can’t expect me to believe this story, but it’s all true.
  55. I’m not sure if I like this restaurant, but I’ll try it again soon.
  56. If you don’t want to go with us, that’s your decision, but we’re leaving soon, so you’d better hurry up!
  57. I like it here, but I’d prefer some warmer weather.
  58. He’s brilliant, but he doesn’t have a good memory.
  59. I love my wife very much, but I hate her cooking!
  60. I love you, but I also love chocolate.
  61. I don’t want to go on holiday, but I want to go to the beach.
  62. You’re not very good at tennis, are you?” “No, but I’m good at football.
  63. She was tired, but she didn’t want to go home.
  64. You can also use but to balance out two ideas:
  65. I like swimming, but I don’t particularly appreciate getting wet.
  66. I like fruit, but I wouldn’t say I like vegetables.
  67. I have eaten a lot of pizza today, but I’m still hungry. 
  68. I like dogs, but cats are much better pets, in my opinion.
  69. I hate cats, but I love dogs so much more!
  70. I want to buy a new car but can’t afford one now. 
  71. I like ice cream, but I’m not too fond of chocolate.
  72. She wants to go to the movies, but I want to stay home and watch T.V. instead.

Similar Words of “but”:

however; nevertheless; notwithstanding; yet; actually; conversely; on the contrary; still; nonetheless; otherwise; besides; except for; despite; without; although; though; even though; even if; despite; that being said; except; brief; fleeting; momentary; temporary

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