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Use of THERE & IT


  1. The sentence begins with “there” when we have to show the presence or absence of something or someplace. After “there’’ we write “is, or was” for a singular noun and “are, or “were” for a plural noun.
  2. In negative sentences, “no or not” is used after “is, are, was & were”.
  3. In interrogative sentences, “is, are, was & were” come in beginning, and a sign of the question mark “?” is used at the end of the sentence.
  4. In sentences, when the words “here & there” are used to show the presence or absence of something, the same comes at the end of a sentence.

Affirmative Sentences

  1. There is a table in this room
  2. There are many factories in Birmingham
  3. There is no milk in the pot
  4. There is a tractor in the field.
  5. There are many chicks near the hen.
  6. There is a chair in the room
  7. There is a playground in my school.

Negative Sentences

  1. There is not a cat on the roof.
  2. There are no birds in the tree.
  3. There is not a playground in my school.
  4. There is no ink in the inkpot.
  5. There is no cow in the field.
  6. There is no milk in the pot
  7. There is no tractor in the field.
  8. There are many chicks near the hen.
  9. There is a chair in the room

Interrogative Sentences

  1. Is there a cat on the roof?
  2. Are there birds in the tree?
  3. Is there a playground in my school?
  4. Is there a cow in the field?
  5. Were there some boys in the playground?
  6. Was there no fish in the dish?
  7. Were there no stars in the sky?


  1. In sentences, when there is an indication towards time, weather, space, animal or non-living things, we use “it” as a subject instead of the original subject.
  2. For negation, we use “not” after helping verbs.
  3. For making interrogative sentences, we replace helping verbs in the start of the sentence.
  4. Always use singular verb with “it” in a sentence

Affirmative Sentences

  1. It is a book.
  2. It is a cute baby.
  3. It is 9 o’clock.
  4. It was summer.
  5. It is 17th of February.
  6. It was a beautiful scene.
  7. It is not summer.

Negative Sentences

  1. It is not a book.
  2. It is not summer.
  3. It is not Friday today.
  4. It is not a beautiful scene.
  5. It is not a cute baby.

Interrogative Sentences

  1. Is it a cute baby?
  2. Is it Friday today?
  3. Is it a beautiful scene?
  4. Is it a cat?
  5. Is it 17th of February?
  6. Is it summer

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