Use protean in a sentence

Use protean in a sentence

Protean is derived from Proteus, a Greek god who could change his shape. The word has come to mean “capable of assuming many forms,” It is often used as a compliment for people who can change their minds or adapt to new situations quickly. It is also used to describe something that changes form.

Use of protean in Sentences

These are some examples of sentences where the word “protean” has been used:

  1. But what a wonderful thing it is for us to go out and do this kind of work together and, in some sense, to be doing it as proteans.
  2. Protean characters are not only familiar in myth and legend but also literature.
  3. The protean nature of the Internet has created new opportunities for people to express themselves.
  4. Protean, ever-changing, readily assuming new forms or personalities.
  5. The protean character of the disease is one of its most alarming features.
  6. The party’s leader has been praised for her protean political skills.
  7. I don’t know why I’m writing this,” he says, “but I’m feeling a bit protean now.
  8. It’s a very protean thing and therefore almost impossible to describe in words.
  9. The protean nature of the human being allows us to adapt and survive in a changing world.
  10. The protean nature of the Internet makes it difficult to regulate content on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.
  11. Protean people can adapt to new situations quickly because they are flexible and resourceful. They can also learn quickly from their experiences and use this knowledge in new situations.
  12. The protean character of the Internet, with its capacity for good and evil, has become a significant issue for law-enforcement agencies worldwide.
  13. The protean nature of the Internet means that it could be used for good or ill.
  14. The mayor’s protean personality makes him hard to pin down.
  15. I’ve been working on this project for weeks, but it’s still not coming together. I guess my ideas are too protean.
  16. He is a protean figure who changed his name twice, first to Paul and then to Maximilian.
  17. But he was also a protean political operator who could be many things to many people.
  18. The sense of being a protean figure is particularly evident in the first of these two works, where she plays seven characters, including an Arab woman and a Chinese man.
  19. The protean nature of the human mind is a reflection of its ability to adapt, making it so versatile.
  20. A protean force in world affairs, he has been a leading figure in Russia and United States politics.
  21. A protean personality can adapt itself to any situation or environment.
  22. A protean spirit of adventure drives the design of this sleeping bag.
  23. The elderly patient’s protean symptoms left doctors at a loss for how to treat her. 
  24. The protean, ever-changing character of the sea is shown by its very name, which comes from a Greek word meaning ‘to change.
  25. The great variety of forms that the protean imagination can assume.
  26. In his own opinion, he had been a kind of protean divinity.
  27. I can see that in his mind, he conceived himself as something like a Proteus or a Polyphemus, who could take all shapes at will.
  28. The protean power of nature is displayed in all its majesty.
  29. He had started thinking of himself as a Protean being who could assume any shape he liked.
  30. It was impossible to know what he thought; he was too protean.
  31. His prose style changed so much over time that his friends called him “protean.”
  32. The protean range of colors and patterns on the wings of butterflies is astounding.
  33. The protean nature of his work makes it difficult to define him as an individual or a composer, but it also makes his music worth listening to over and over again.
  34. The protean nature of the disease has made it difficult for scientists to isolate a cure.
  35. The Protean ability of capitalism to adapt itself to different kinds of political and economic regimes has been noted by many critics.
  36. I need to be more protean in my approach to marketing and sales.
  37. The protean nature of the subject matter makes it difficult to write a book about it.
  38. He’s a protean figure in American politics: he can be all things to all people at different times and places.
  39. The early years were spent in a series of protean experiments.
  40. She was protean in her interests and achievements.
  41. The imaginative mind is a protean thing, capable of being shaped by surrounding conditions and events.
  42. A protean soul, he could write about many different subjects with equal authority and insight.
  43. The protean nature of the disease makes it challenging to define and treat.
  44. He changed from one protean form to another.
  45. The protean nature of the Internet has enabled it to survive despite its many shortcomings.
  46. The book covers a wide range of topics; the author’s protean interests are reflected in the subject matter.
  47. The two artisans were both skilled in their way but were not genuinely talented as they were both too protean.
  48. The idea of a protean self is part of the modernist project, and it’s still going strong.
  49. I love this story because it shows how Proteus can be both a villain and an ally in different situations.
  50. To survive, you have to be able to adapt your looks and personality at will, like a chameleon or a protean actor.

Similar Words of protean:

amorphous; inchoate; complex; mutable; protean; shape-shifting; changeable; elastic; flexible; fluid; mutable; nebulous; protean; capricious; fluid; formless; pliable; protean; quicksilver; shifting; shapeless; variable; ambitious; artful; changeable; clever; crafty; creative; devious; driven; enterprising; ingenious; manifold; mercurial; protean; amiable; animated; charming; convivial; entertaining; engaging; entertaining; friendly; funny; genial; good-natured; hearty; jovial; likeable; lively

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