use spiteful in a sentence

Use spiteful in a sentence

Spiteful is a word used to describe someone prone to acts of spite, meaning they are inclined to be vindictive or malicious. The verb form of spiteful is to spite, which can be done through any number of things: speaking ill of others, gossiping or spreading rumors, or even being generally disagreeable.

If you are the victim of a spiteful person, it’s possible that they are doing it out of jealousy or envy because they feel threatened by you.

How to use spiteful in a Sentence

These are some examples of sentences where the word “spiteful” has been used:

  1. Spiteful people are not my cup of tea.
  2. The spiteful man cursed his wife for not getting him a job.
  3. The spiteful teacher punished the students for making noise in class.
  4. I will never be friends with spiteful people because they are mean and hurtful to others.
  5. It is better not to connect with spiteful people because they only hurt others without considering their feelings or reactions to what they do or say.
  6. The spiteful man was ostracized from the village.
  7. She is a spiteful woman who wants to harm me.
  8. He is a spiteful man who always seeks revenge on anyone who opposes him or hurts his feelings.
  9. Her spiteful comment about my appearance hurt me. Still, I didn’t want to react because I am aware that she is an unstable person who would not hesitate to get back at me if I were to retaliate against her in any way whatsoever.
  10. She was spiteful and never missed an opportunity to make fun of her sister.
  11. I know she is spiteful, but I can’t help but feel sorry for her.
  12. The spiteful woman is always saying bad things about everyone.
  13. She has a spiteful tongue.
  14. She is spiteful to her sister and thinks of herself very kindly by comparison.
  15. The spiteful boy told on his brother as soon as he had done anything wrong.
  16. Spiteful people seem to be drawn together.
  17. Spiteful people are often found in groups.
  18. The spiteful are almost always isolated from the rest of society.
  19. Spiteful people will never cease to cause trouble for others.
  20. A spiteful person can never be trusted, no matter what they say or promise.
  21. A spiteful person will do anything to get what they want, regardless of the consequences, even if it means breaking the law or hurting someone else.
  22. She had a spiteful way of turning words against you.
  23. He was spiteful and cruel to his wife.
  24. She’s very spiteful and mean-spirited.
  25. He was so spiteful that he threw away his future to hurt others.
  26. If there were not some strong principle of action in human nature, spiteful would not be a word.
  27. The girl is spiteful.
  28. Spiteful people are bad-tempered, malicious, and tend to hurt others for no reason.
  29. When I turned him down, he became spiteful.
  30. His spitefulness was apparent in his tone of voice.
  31. I will not allow such spitefulness from you.
  32. She was very spiteful to me; she has been my enemy since we were children.
  33. Spiteful people are always looking for ways to offend others.
  34. She was spiteful towards her sister because she wanted everything to be done by herself.
  35. The children were very spiteful towards one another and would not share anything.
  36. He was so spiteful that he did not give his brother any money even though he knew he had no money left.
  37. The girl was spiteful towards her friend because she had stolen her boyfriend from her.
  38. Spiteful remarks and behavior are never justified.
  39. I don’t want to be spiteful, but you’re ruining the mood!
  40. The spiteful man was angry at his wife for cheating on him.
  41. He was getting more and more spiteful as the years went by.
  42. She spoke spitefully as she told me what I could do with my life.
  43. I’m tired of her being so spiteful towards me; I don’t know what I did wrong.
  44. I have a spiteful streak.
  45. He was a spiteful man who did not like to be crossed.
  46. Spitefulness is a trait that is very common in human beings.
  47. The children were being spiteful and cruel to the dog.
  48. His actions are motivated by spitefulness and malice.
  49. The film portrays the protagonist as a spiteful and miserable woman who gets what she deserves.
  50. My neighbor is so spiteful; he’s always leaving nasty notes on my front door.
  51. I’m not spiteful. I don’t like liars and cheats.
  52. And she got spiteful with me because she knew I was only trying to help.
  53. Her spiteful words were like knives cutting into my heart and soul.
  54. She was a spiteful woman who enjoyed being cruel to others and didn’t mind hurting them if it gave her some sick satisfaction.
  55. He’s extremely spiteful and vengeful, always going out of his way to hurt anyone who’s ever wronged him or stood in his way at any point in his life.
  56. spiteful
  57. “I can’t help but think that the spiteful tone of your response is directed at me,” said my husband.
  58. “I’m sorry I’ve been such a spiteful person,” he said. “There’s no excuse for what I’ve done.”
  59. She’s always been spiteful, but now she has taken it to a new level.
  60. He was very spiteful toward her after their divorce, but eventually, he realized it wasn’t worth it and apologized for his behavior.
  61. When he told his wife about his affair with her best friend, she became very spiteful toward him and refused to speak to him again until he apologized in person for what he had done wrong.
  62. Her parents are both very spiteful people who never seem happy with anything anyone else does or says around them.
  63. She was spiteful, and she was mean to her sister.
  64. He was spiteful, and he was mean to his sister.
  65. She’s a spiteful little thing.
  66. He’s a spiteful little thing.
  67. In the spiteful cold of winter, you can feel your fingers turn to icicles and the prick of frostbite on your cheeks.
  68. He’s a spiteful man who’d think nothing of putting something in your drink if he knew you were trying to get pregnant.
  69. I’m spiteful, but I’m not going to do anything bad to you right now because I don’t want to get caught and be turned into a tree again like last time.
  70. He was very spiteful of breaking up with me in front of all my friends and family!

Similar Words of spiteful:

accumulating; vitriolic; vindictive; vengeful; spiteful; malicious; belligerent; cantankerous; caustic; contemptuous; contrary; cranky; cross; cynical; disagreeable; unpleasant; snide; snotty; acrimonious; contemptuous; cruel; hurtful; insulting; intimidating; malicious; mean-spirited; spiteful; vicious; hostile; malicious; petulant; rancorous; venomous; snarling; spiteful; malevolent; evil-eyed; deadly; belligerent; rude; snotty; argumentative; disagreeable; grouchy; ill-mannered; impolite; insolent; mean-spirited; rude; barbed; bitter; cruel; malevolent; malicious; spiteful; antagonistic; antagonizing; antipathetic; antipathetic; disconcerting; harmful; hurtful; insulting; injurious

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