use of brine in a sentence

What does the word brine mean

It is derived from the Latin word “bryne”, meaning ‘salt.’ It first appeared in English in the 15th century as “brin,” from Old French brin (past participle of broyer), from Latin bullire “to boil,” from bovis “ox.”

Brine is a solution of salt in water. Brines can be used to cure foods, preserve food, and make pickles. The word brine refers to the liquid solution that results from dissolving salt in water. The term brine was originally applied to seawater, but it has since been adopted for other uses.

It is often used in the production of bacon and ham. It also helps preserve these meats after they have been cured by adding flavor and preventing spoilage. People who enjoy camping may use brine to marinate their food before taking it on overnight trips into nature so that it does not spoil if left out overnight or stored improperly in bear-proof containers.

Use of Brine in a sentence

These are some examples of sentences where the word “brine” has been used:

  1. Brine is a more concentrated solution than common salt (sodium chloride) and can have a salinity of around 20%.
  2. Once you’ve tried bringing, you’ll never go back.
  3. The brine does not penetrate through, so it’s best to rinse off any excess salt before cooking.
  4. The brine shrimp have begun to hatch.
  5. Brining is an ancient technique that predates modern refrigeration and allows for long-term meat storage.
  6. Brining is the best way to add moisture back into lean cuts of meat like chicken breasts or turkey breasts.
  7. Brining adds flavor and juiciness to your favorite cuts of meat.
  8. Brine is a highly aromatic liquid that forms on meat when cured or pickled in a solution of salt and water.
  9. The chicken was soaking in a brine overnight.
  10. After soaking in brine for 24 hours, the meat tasted salty.
  11. The brine is so good it’s like drinking liquid bacon. 
  12. The brine will affect the taste of your meat and its texture, but it’s also important to consider how long you leave it in the brine before cooking it.
  13. We brine our chicken for 24 hours before we smoke it.
  14. The brine was sweet and salty, with just a hint of garlic.
  15. Brine is a type of saltwater solution used to preserve food.
  16. The pickles are soaked in brine overnight.
  17. I have been trying to get the salt out of the brine, but it is getting harder.
  18. I’m going to put my brine on some chicken tomorrow and smoke it for about 2 hours.
  19. I’ve been brining my turkey for a few days now, and it’s ready for the stuffing.
  20. Salt-cured meats such as ham and bacon are soaked in brine before being smoked or boiled.
  21. If you make your sausage, you will need to decide whether you want to cure your meat with a dry rub or in brine.
  22. The fish was then marinated in salt water for at least 24 hours before being cooked.
  23. The brine is boiled until the salt dissolves.
  24. The brine solution was then filtered to remove any solid particles.
  25. Brine is also used as a delicacy, where brine is used for cooking the food rather than preserve it.
  26. The turkey is cooked in brine, which helps to keep it moist while cooking and adds flavor.
  27. This turkey was brined overnight before cooking.
  28. Brine is the watery solution of salt in seawater or brackish water or any solution of salts in water.
  29. Brines typically contains about 10% salt by weight.
  30. The brine was so cold that the ice was almost solid.
  31. The brine used to pickle vegetables is very salty, but it is not enough to preserve meat or fish.
  32. Brine is often used in making sausages, which are then smoked over a fire of pine cones or hickory chips.
  33. I am bringing my chicken.
  34. Tomatoes should be put in a bowl, covered with cold water and some ice cubes, then left to sit in the refrigerator for an hour.
  35. The brine tastes delicious.
  36. There’s nothing like an excellent brine to bring out the meat flavor.
  37. I’m not sure if this is brine or just plain water, but it’s salty and delicious!
  38. Brine is used to making sausages, often with other seasonings such as garlic and pepper added.
  39. In the summer, we’ll have to check the brine every day.
  40. The turkey needs to soak in brine for at least eight hours.
  41. We use a brine rub on our Thanksgiving turkey.
  42. Brine is also a container in which meat is soaked before being cooked.
  43. The brine had a strong, salty smell.
  44. The brine solution was just 10 percent salt.
  45. Brine is a mixture of water and salt used for preserving meat.
  46. Brine is also used for pickling vegetables and fruits, like cucumber or apples.
  47. Bitter brine, made of water and salt, is used to preserve fish, meat, and vegetables.
  48. The springs are famous for their salty-sour brine baths.
  49. The water from a natural spring is full of minerals, making it taste salty and smell like rotten eggs!

Similar Words of brine:

bone-chilling; bracing; briny; cold; freezing; icy; numbing; raw; refrigerating; salad-like; salty; fragrant; piquant; salty; savory; flavorful; brittle; crunchy; crisp; hard; chewy; less than firm (but not abjectly flaccid); piquant; savory; spicy; appetizing; delectable; delicious; luscious; palatable; pleasing; tasty; acrid; acid; bitter; brackish; salty; sour; abundant; copious; plentiful; profuse; seaside; dill-scented; malt-flavored; (of coffee) caffeinated; coffee-flavored; absurd; asinine; balmy; batty; crazy; erratic; idiotic; insane; ludicrous; lunatic madcap; nonsensical; nutty; preposterous; screw

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