A flotilla is a group of waterborne vessels, typically small craft, that are in a convoy or fleet.

What is flotilla?

A flotilla is a group of waterborne vessels, typically small craft, that are in a convoy or fleet.

Definition of Flotilla

A flotilla is a group of waterborne vessels, typically small craft, that are in a convoy or fleet. The word flotilla has been used to refer to many small boats, but its use in English for fleets of small vessels dates to the 17th century.

In modern naval terminology, a flotilla is an unformed squadron unit subordinate to a squadron commander or a flag officer leading several squadrons. The word flotilla comes from Spanish and Portuguese flota (“fleet”), from Latin fluctuare (“to flow”), which itself is derived from “fluō” (“flow”).

Flotilla used in a sentence

These are some examples of sentences where the word “flotilla” has been used:

  1. The flotilla of ships was seen in the distance.
  2. The captain ordered the crew to prepare for battle with the enemy flotilla.
  3. The flotilla was a convoy of small boats, usually flat-bottomed and square-rigged.
  4. The flotilla set sail from Portsmouth on February 26, 1805.
  5. The flotilla was led by HMS Blenheim and included seven frigates and five sloops.
  6. It was originally intended that the flotilla should sail in two divisions, one under Captain Robert Corbet aboard HMS Beaulieu and the other under Captain Sir Harry Neale aboard HMS Boadicea.
  7. The flotilla was a fleet consisting of several ships.
  8. The flotilla was a group of vessels.
  9. The US Navy sent the flotilla to attack enemy ships.
  10. A flotilla of boats sailed across the river.
  11. The army sent a flotilla of submarines to search for enemies.
  12. I was surprised to see a flotilla of boats in the middle of the bay.
  13. She brought a flotilla of friends with her.
  14. I’ve been on a flotilla of cruises, but I’ve never been on this cruise.
  15. The captain was a real stickler for safety and insisted that we wore life jackets when we were out on the water in our little flotilla.
  16. A flotilla was a large number of small ships or boats sailing together.
  17. The flotilla of police boats dispatched to intercept the migrants’ boat could not reach the vessel because it was so far out at sea.
  18. A flotilla of boats will be moored in Lake Windermere to celebrate the Queen’s 90th birthday.
  19. The flotilla will leave from the Royal Yacht Squadron on Cowes, Isle of Wight, on Saturday afternoon and make its way towards the Thames Estuary.
  20. The flotilla is led by HMS Diamond and will be joined by vessels from around the world, including the United States, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.
  21. The flotilla comprised four ships: the Dawn, the Estelle, the Grace 1, and the Al-Zaytouna.
  22. The Free Gaza Movement organized the flotilla, a coalition of international solidarity activists.
  23. President Franklin D. Roosevelt also used the flotilla in World War II to transport troops and supplies across the Atlantic Ocean during World War II.
  24. In modern times, flotillas transport goods across large bodies of water, like rivers or lakes.
  25. A flotilla differs from an armada, a large fleet of ships (usually over 20) with multiple admirals, captains, and crew members.
  26. In naval terms, a flotilla is usually composed of about five to ten small warships.
  27. Flotillas can also describe large numbers of people traveling together on land or by air.
  28. A flotilla of ten small boats set sail from Vancouver Saturday morning, heading for Victoria on a 13-day voyage to raise awareness about aboriginal issues.
  29. A flotilla of fishing vessels was assembled at the port.
  30. The enemy destroyed the naval flotilla.
  31. Flotillas of warships were sent to destroy the enemy fleet.
  32. There are several flotillas of warships in this region.
  33. A flotilla of pleasure crafts circled us, waiting for their owners to return so they could leave.
  34. A flotilla of research vessels is investigating the phenomenon.
  35. The flotilla had reached the harbor by noon.

Similar Words of flotilla:

armament; battalion; battalion; brigade; flotilla; task force; clipper fleet; armada; armamentarium; naval force; quiver; squadron; numerous; assorted; a large group; piddling amount; numerous boats/ships; small group; modest number of boats/ships; amphibious; barge; bulk carrier; cargo ship; container ship; freighter; freighter-tug combo; ferryboat; liner; tugboat; cavalry; cluster; convoy; fleet; flock; host; horde; myriad

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