Jalopy is slang for an old, worn-out, or dilapidated car. It is commonly used to describe old cars with poor reputations for quality and reliability

What is the meaning of jalopy?

The term jalopy was first used in print in 1923 and has been used to describe low-quality automobiles. The origin of the word jalopy is uncertain, but it is believed to be derived from the French jaloppement, meaning “to prance” or “to canter.” A jalopy was defined as a horse that pranced or cantered, so a “jalopy” would be a horse that gallops but later evolved into a term for cheap automobiles.


Jalopy is slang for an old, worn-out, or dilapidated car. It is commonly used to describe old cars with poor reputations for quality and reliability. Jalopies were popularly associated with rural areas and farmers who did not need speed or luxury; however, some models were made specifically for use in farming communities built to last through harsh conditions (and are still in use today).

Jalopy entered English usage during World War II when U.S., British, and Canadian soldiers stationed in Europe brought it back. In American use, it originally referred to an automobile driven extensively and generally down at the heels.

In addition, Jalopy can be used to describe someone exhausted from working too hard all day. If you have been working hard all day long and are exhausted at the end of the day, you might be described as having a “jalopy” appearance (i.e., looking very tired).

How to use Jalopy in a Sentence

These are some examples of sentences where the term “jalopy” has been used:

  1. My Jalopy has a flat tire and won’t start.
  2. Do you have any experience driving jalopies?
  3. The hotel room was so small it felt like a jalopy.
  4. The building has been abandoned for years, but someone still lives there in a jalopy they’ve parked outside.
  5. This car is a real jalopy.
  6. The Jalopy was old and worn out.
  7. The Jalopy broke down on the way to the beach.
  8. The car had become a real jalopy in just a few years.
  9. A jalopy is an old, worn-out car that doesn’t run very well anymore.
  10. The Jalopy isn’t worth much.
  11. The family had a jalopy for a car, but they got around just fine.
  12. I wish I had a better car than this old Jalopy!
  13. He bought a jalopy that was in pretty bad shape, and it barely made it up the driveway before breaking down again.
  14. A few years ago, my father bought a jalopy for his family to use on weekends.
  15. If you don’t have enough money, you can’t buy a new car; you’ll have to settle for something like a jalopy.
  16. That’s a jalopy of a car you’ve got there!
  17. The Jalopy is my first car, and I’ll never sell it.
  18. I didn’t know he was in such bad shape until I saw his Jalopy with a flat tire on the side of the road.
  19. Don’t worry about your broken-down Jalopy; we can fix it and make it run like new again!.
  20. He bought a used car, which he called his “jalopy.
  21. The old Jalopy was still sitting outside on bricks.
  22. The family’s Jalopy was so old that it would make a great addition to the junkyard.
  23. The kids were thrilled to ride in their parents’ Jalopy.
  24. The man went out to his Jalopy but couldn’t find anything wrong with it.
  25. The woman stared at her husband’s Jalopy as they drove along in it.
  26. When the couple reached their destination, they could see their son had already arrived in his mother’s Jalopy.
  27. The Jalopy had been repaired with an assortment of parts from other cars.
  28. The jalopies were so old that they looked like they were about to fall apart.
  29. She bought her father’s old Jalopy for $700 and fixed it herself.
  30. I don’t want to drive my car anymore because it’s such a jalopy!.
  31. I don’t think I will be able to buy a new car. My Jalopy won’t last much longer.
  32. The Jalopy is slowly dying, and it’s not worth fixing it anymore.
  33. I don’t want to drive my Jalopy anymore. It’s too old and unsafe to go on the highway.
  34. The car was so old that it looked like a jalopy. It had so many dents that I could barely see out of the windshield!
  35. Perhaps you’d like to take me for a ride in your Jalopy?
  36. The Jalopy was an old car.
  37. I have a jalopy that I bought for cheap, but it gets the job done.
  38. The old car was a jalopy and looked like it had been through many accidents.
  39. The Jalopy suddenly stopped working, and we had to borrow my mother’s car to reach our destination.
  40. I saw my friend’s new car and wondered if she’d bought it from the same place she got her last one — it was so ugly that it looked like a jalopy!
  41. The family was driving their Jalopy to the beach when they had an accident.
  42. My grandfather spent all his life fixing up old cars like jalopies.
  43. Today, we use Jalopy for any old car or one that doesn’t run well anymore.
  44. The Jalopy was so old that it was held together by duct tape and twine.
  45. My Jalopy is so old that it has rust spots on the rear wheel wells, which have rusted through and are now leaking oil onto the road as I drive along.
  46. A jalopy has no air conditioning, but it does have an AM radio and a cracked windshield.
  47. I had a jalopy of a car that I drove until the engine blew up.
  48. The Jalopy was so old that it was a miracle it could even run, let alone make it up the hill.
  49. I bought this Jalopy for $60,000, but now I’m trying to sell it for $500,000.
  50. If you’re driving in bad weather, you might want to bring some extra supplies in case your Jalopy breaks down, and you get stuck on the side of the road.
  51. My brother tried to fix my Jalopy by putting on new tires and fixing up the interior, but all he did was make it look neater and less junky than before!

Similar Words of Jalopy:

clunker; junker; rattletrap; wreck; dirty; dingy; grungy; rusty; shiny; trashy; dilapidated; garbage can of the automobile world; beat-up; clumsy; dilapidated; down at the heels; dumpy; frowzy; funky; grungy; shabby; tacky; tatty; tawdry; ragged; dilapidated; beat-up; broken-down; crumpled; creaky; dented; dingy; tired; dingy; fuselage-like; musty; ramshackle; rusty; stinky; wrecked; clapped-out; decrepit; dilapidated; rundown; second-hand; rickety; rattletrap; ruinous; rundown; scruffy; substandard

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