What is the word chronic mean? Chronic is an adjective that means "continuing for a long time" or "having a long history." It is also used to indicate "habitual."

What is the word chronic mean?

What is the word chronic mean? Chronic is an adjective that means “continuing for a long time” or “having a long history.” It is also used to indicate “habitual.”

Use of chronic

It’s often used to describe a disease or condition that persists over a long period, but it is also used to describe anything that continues over a long period. A chronic condition can be anything from diabetes to heart disease to obesity. Chronic conditions are often treated with medications or surgery and are sometimes referred to as “chronic illnesses.”

A sentence with chronic     

These are some examples of sentences where the word “chronic” has been used:

  1. He has chronic bronchitis.
  2. He suffers from chronic back pain.
  3. She has a chronic illness that requires daily medication.
  4. The chronic shortage of affordable housing has been one of the most pressing issues for decades.
  5. Chronic pain can keep you from doing things you want to do.
  6. The chronic disease can be challenging to treat because it returns again and again.
  7. People with chronic illnesses often have to manage their symptoms and live with the uncertainty of when they’ll flare up again.
  8. Some common chronic conditions include arthritis, asthma, diabetes, cancer, and heart disease.
  9. The chronic problem in the community is homelessness.
  10. The chronic budget shortfall has plagued the city for years.
  11. He’s got a chronic disease.
  12. The chronic pain that has been bothering me for years finally forced me to see a doctor.
  13. The chronic lack of money forced them to get second jobs.
  14. He had a chronic fear of public speaking.
  15. Some people have chronic allergies and asthma.
  16. The disease was chronic, which meant that it had no cure.
  17. Her chronic back pain made everyday tasks difficult.
  18. He had a chronic cough and was constantly clearing his throat.
  19. Chronic stress can cause you to develop health problems such as high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes.
  20. She has always had a chronic lack of self-confidence.
  21. He has been suffering from a chronic illness since he was a child.
  22. She suffers from chronic pain in her back.
  23. I have a chronic headache every morning after I wake up.
  24. Her chronic lateness is a nuisance for everyone who works with her.
  25. The chronic pain in my back made it difficult to sleep at night.
  26. He had a chronic cough, attributed to smoking cigarettes as a teenager.
  27. The chronic pain that he has been experiencing has caused him to become depressed and anxious.
  28. Last year, I had a chronic cough that lasted for three months.
  29. I have been suffering from chronic back pain for years.
  30. My asthma has been under control for the last six months, and I don’t think it will return anytime soon.
  31. He had a chronic cough.
  32. She suffers from a chronic illness.
  33. The patient has chronic pain in the back.
  34. You have to be patient with him; he has a chronic condition.
  35. I have chronic back pain from lifting boxes at work all day.
  36. My laptop has been on the fritz all week because of some chronic software issues.
  37. She has been suffering from chronic depression since high school.
  38. Chronic disease cannot be cured and has no known cause.
  39. You may have to take medication for the rest of your life if you have chronic asthma.
  40. The doctor said I had a chronic liver problem, and I would need regular checkups for it.
  41. The chronic was a horse that was used to carry the mail.
  42. The chronic pain is unbearable!
  43. My grandfather was amiable and kind, but he had a chronic drinking problem that sometimes made him difficult to live with.
  44. I have a chronic addiction to cheeseburgers; I love them so much that I cannot stop eating them!
  45. He is a chronic smoker, and his health is suffering.
  46. A chronic headache can be painful but also indicate more severe health problems like high blood pressure or a brain tumor.
  47. A chronic ear infection can cause permanent hearing loss if left untreated.
  48. A bacterial infection or asthma may cause a chronic cough, so you must see a doctor if your cough doesn’t go away after a few days.
  49. Chronic pain is often difficult to diagnose and treat, so many people turn to alternative medicine instead of prescription drugs for relief.
  50. Chronic fatigue syndrome is a condition that causes extreme tiredness and weakness, often with other symptoms such as headache and poor concentration.
  51. I have a chronic cold.
  52. I have a chronic headache.
  53. I have a chronic disease and must take medicine daily to stay healthy.

Similar Words of chronic:

continuous; constant; incessant; regular; periodic; perpetual; recursive; repeated; apparent; epidemic; endemic; enduring; thriving; rampant; ubiquitous; virulent; far-reaching; frail; frail (when in health); infirm; lame; languishing; lingering; lingering (as illness); obstinate; tenacious; unending; bedeviling; chronic; constant; continuous; incorrigible; inexorable; interminable; irresistible; relentless; unremitting; ceaseless; continual; enduring; eternal; bad; bane; baneful; detrimental; destructive; deleterious; harmful; injurious; mischievous; noxious; pernicious; poisonous; pestilential; hurtful

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