what is tiring mean

What is tiring mean                                   

Tiring means “making you feel tired.” Tiring can be a verb and an adjective. The verb form is the past tense of the tire, which means “to become tired.”


Tiring means “making you feel tired.” Tiring can be a verb and an adjective. The verb form is the past tense of the tire, which means “to become tired.” The adjective form describes a person or thing that causes someone to feel tired. It’s important to remember that tiring and tire are not interchangeable words. Tiring refers to an act, and tire can refer to a noun or verb meaning “to wear out.”

What is tedious mean?                            

The word “tedious” comes from the Latin word tedio, which means “boredom” or “disgust.” In modern English usage, it is generally considered an adjective, though some speakers use it as a noun. It can also be used as an adjective to describe something that’s dull and boring: “That movie was tedious.”

What is hectic mean?

The word hectic means “full of activity, excitement, or confusion.” It comes from the Greek word hektikos, which in turn comes from the Greek word for “hasten,” or “be quick.” Hectic is an adjective that describes something that is full of activity, or otherwise extremely busy or rushed.


These are some examples of sentences where the word “tiring” has been used:

  1. That walk up the mountain was too tiring! I need a nap.
  2. The project was so tiring that we hired a contractor to do it for us.
  3. I’m so tired from working all day that even my bed feels tiring!
  4. It was a tiring day.
  5. The long walk was quite tiring for me.
  6. I’m so tired of this job. It’s so tiring.
  7. It’s tiring to see babies cry all day.
  8. She didn’t want to go out, but I made her because I wanted to have fun and not be tired.
  9. The day was tiring, but I felt good when I got home.
  10. She’s a very tiring person to be around.
  11. The long walk was tiring, but the scenery was beautiful.
  12. This job is tiring and stressful sometimes, but it pays well, so it’s worth it.
  13. It was tiring to keep going up and down stairs all day long.
  14. It’s a bit tedious/tiring/boring having to keep changing clothes in this weather.
  15. I’m tired of this job. 
  16. It’s tiring work, but I’m getting paid well. 
  17. The flight was tiring, but we’re finally here! 
  18. This movie is so dull; it’s tiring me out! 
  19. That customer service call was so tiring; I don’t want to do it again soon! 
  20. I’m so tired from working all day.” 
  21. The weather has been so hot lately that it has been tiring for me to go outside. 
  22. The long walk in the desert was tiring for all the hikers.
  23. I’m tired of being tired.
  24. The car ride was tiring for Jill because she had to drive so far.
  25. It was tiring to take care of all those children all day.
  26. This vacation has tired me out.
  27. That hike was very tiring.
  28. I’m tired,” said the man after he had climbed for several hours.
  29. That was tiring,” said the woman as she walked into her house and sat on the couch.
  30. The tired old horse plodded along behind us for miles.
  31. We were tired from the long trip, so we went to bed early.
  32. My new shoes are tiring; I don’t know how long I can wear them before my feet start hurting!
  33. It’s such a long walk; I’m getting tired.
  34. A long day of work can be very tiring.
  35. The long walk to school was tiring, and we were all glad when we finally arrived.
  36. The journey was tiring, but the view from the top of the mountain was worth it!
  37. I’m tired today; I think I’ll go to bed early tonight.
  38. The long drive made them both tired.
  39. This job is tiring.
  40. All the running around made me tired.
  41. The entire day was tiring, but I was happy with the results.
  42. We were all tired after that long flight.
  43. I’m so tired,” said Diane, yawning.
  44. The long walk through the city streets was tiring, but it was worth seeing all the beautiful buildings and museums.
  45. The day has been long and tiring. I cannot wait to go home.
  46. I am feeling tired. I need to rest some more before going out tonight.
  47. It was a very tiring day at work, so I’ll stay in tonight and watch some T.V.
  48. Many people are tired of waiting for the bus.
  49. I’m so tired that I can’t think anymore.
  50. The song was so tiring that I fell asleep while listening to it.
  51. The job is too tiring for me to do regularly.

Similar Words of tiring

exhausting; tiring; daunting; mind-numbing; lulling; monotonous; numbing; fatiguing; tiring; draining; wearying; draining; enervating; draining; exhausting; enervating; tiring; weary; grueling; grueling; arduous; backbreaking; burdensome; irksome; odious; oppressive; difficult; dreary; complex; laborious; backbreaking; unjust; heavy; laboring; wearing; difficult; painstaking; relentless; rigorous; unremitting

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