Why Exclamation Mark is used

Exclamation Mark is used in the middle or at the end of a sentence. It usually indicates the expression of a person in a particular situation.

What is Punctuation?

Punctuation is the art of rightly putting pauses, points and stops in writing in order to make the sense clear and comprehensible.

Use of Exclamatory Mark (!)

The basic idea behind using exclamation mark (!) in writing is to show the expression of a writer in a particular situation.

The exclamation mark is used after words, phrases and sentences expressing some strong emotions or sudden feelings of mind.

Exclamation Mark (!) is sometimes used in giving a command and most probably it is used after interjection or exclamation. Usually, it is used in a formal writing.

Use of Exclamation Point in American & British Language:

Exclamation mark is the same point in American or British language, which is used to express the exclamation. When the writer does not in a position to show his/her expression, he/she uses exclamation mark to show his/her feelings.

For example:

  1. What a good idea!
  2. Aren’t they beautiful!
  3. What a spectacular view!
  4. Impossible!
  5. Alas! I have lost the chance.
  6. Hurrah! We have won the match.
  7. That really hurts!
  8. Ouch! That stings!
  9. They are revolting!
  10. I’d love to come!
  11. Go to your room!
  12. Be careful!

Exclamatory Mark (!) is not used when:

i. When alternative punctuation mark is more suitable.

Common Mistakes using Exclamation Marks:

Exclamation points, like periods, are frequently placed in the incorrect location when other punctuation marks are present. They do, however, have rules.

Overuse of Exclamation Mark:

They are overused in today’s writing, and using them makes the writer seem unprofessional. In fictional writing, for example, a writer should not always need to use exclamation marks to communicate the content of a line. Instead, they should be able to communicate the situation and context without using exclamation points. Yes, exclamation marks have a role in writing, but they should be used judiciously to maximize their impact in a work.

Use of Exclamation Mark in Formal Writing:

Still, there are two opinions that either exclamation mark can be used in a formal writing or not. In some writing, the writers use exclamation marks / points abundantly. However, there are some writers who do not use these exclamatory marks freely.

Perhaps the use of exclamation marks depends upon the writing technique employ by the writer. Sometimes, the writer is in a mood to express his / her feelings and to share his / her experience with the readers. He / she discusses about the past and present days and sometime, the writers discuss about some event.

All the events and experience make the writing more vivid, expressive and persuasive when there is use of exclamation marks. Commonly, it is considered that the exclamation points are used when the writer wants to give force on some specific point. This idea is correct to some extent but most probably there is some context behind using these marks.


alas I missed the golden chance. (incorrect)
Alas! I missed the golden chance. (correct)
hurrah we have won the match. (incorrect)
Hurrah! we have won the match. (correct)
what a pretty child (incorrect)
What a pretty child! (correct)
what a lovely flower it is (incorrect)
What a lovely flower it is! (correct)
what an idea (incorrect)
What an idea! (correct)
what a shock (incorrect)
What a shock! (correct)
what a charming view (incorrect)
What a charming view! (correct)
what a wonderful day that was (incorrect)
What a wonderful day that was! (correct)
how clever the child is (incorrect)
How clever the child is! (correct)
what a great man he is (incorrect)
What a great man he is! (correct)
what a good idea (incorrect)
What a good idea! (correct)
Bravo encore (incorrect)
Bravo encore! (correct)

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